Digitally focused

Built on a strong foundation, Elan is dedicated to continuously enhancing the digital experience, including fraud protection and security. Through mobile app access, mobile payments and easy to use rewards, we provide your cardmembers the digital tools they need for their day-to-day life. You expect a platform that puts technology first, and we deliver from account origination through servicing.

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API integration

Our suite of more than 25 APIs is actively expanding to support additional functions and related products. API enablement is seamlessly integrated into your digital environments to share data and enhance the cardmember experience. This investment in modernization provides a faster, more efficient implementation of our credit card program, and an effortless experience for cardholders.

Extensive marketing and reporting

At no additional cost, you may choose to integrate any of our marketing solutions to support your program's growth. We offer everything from email to digital display advertising and direct mail to telemarketing. Detailed reporting through our partner portal allows leaders to monitor real-time sales and adjust strategies as needed. 

We continue to invest heavily in this area as it ties directly to new account growth. 

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Employee training and resources

Elan engages a multi-pronged approach to initial training and ongoing employee knowledge development. Our exclusive online partner portal, the Client Resource Center (CRC), houses training, marketing, reporting, promotions, and application processing.  

Use the CRC to review applications and account servicing, enroll in branch promotions, activate marketing campaigns, order collateral, and create detailed reports to monitor performance.  

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We provide a dedicated team with a strong underwriting methodology, streamlined processes and tools to provide high approval rates across the risk spectrum. We will work with your front-line employees to utilize each customer's relationship information when reviewing applications.

State of the art products

Elan's product suite is designed to integrate seamlessly into your financial institution and offer the best products to your consumer and business accounts. Learn more about available cards.

Your customers are our priority

We invest heavily in a strong digital experience for cardholders — a critical component to engagement and retention. Learn more about the support and enhancements designed for cardmembers.

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"Our number one goal is to deepen our relationships. Elan helps us do that. Our partnership with Elan is really an extension of our team."

 — Heather Lashway, Berkshire Bank

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