The benefits of partnering with Elan

We work with each financial institution to develop a strategy that maximizes growth. Elan funds all aspects of the card program and covers compliance to reduce administrative burdens. 

As an Elan partner, we'll work in tandem to: 

  • Minimize risk and reduce expenses
  • Develop growth solutions 
  • Provide the latest technology 
  • Build enterprise benefits 
  • Offer an exceptional cardmember experience
  • Streamline marketing and employee training 

Becoming an Elan partner allows your team to focus on what they do best — building cardmember relationships.

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If you are interested in learning how Elan can help your financial institution grow, we'd love to hear from you.

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Investing in our partners and their communities

We're delighted to announce our Across the Country Charitable Giving program, benefiting 50 credit unions and the charities of their choice.

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1,300 partnerships and counting

Elan has been a leader in the credit card industry for over 50 years because of our commitment to our partners, dedication to innovation, and comprehensive product suite. Our approach drives high consumer engagement through products, benefits, and cardmember support. Learn why financial institutions continue to choose Elan.

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Card options to meet the needs of every member

Elan's robust consumer and business product suites are designed for members across the entire credit score spectrum with high value rewards, extended introductory rates, competitive APRs, and digital servicing tools.

Industry research and community commitment

Building credit card and financial industry knowledge is important to us. We are dedicated to research development, thought leadership, and resources that promote shared learning. 

Elan takes an active role in giving back to the communities we serve through volunteering, sponsorships, and donations. You can also find us at industry events throughout the year. 

Explore more in our resource library and news and community library.

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Three Factors to Consider When Building Your Credit Card Product Strategy

Stay competitive and grow your credit card business with tailored products, advanced technology, and ongoing financial education. Explore how these strategies can develop loyalty among cardmembers, with a focus on small business owners.

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Evaluating a Credit Card Program’s Profitability: Fee vs. Interest Income

What are the potential hidden costs associated with running a credit card program and how can financial institutions make more informed decisions when considering whether to insource or outsource a credit card program?

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Elan announces partnership with African-American Credit Union Coalition

Elan's partnership provides AACUC with additional resources to further its mission to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion in the financial industry through initiatives that work to close the racial wealth gap, bolster community involvement and more.