Berkshire Bank Partner Testimonial

Hear more about how Berkshire Bank benefits from their partnership with Elan.

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Financial Institutions and Customer Loyalty: The Value of Investing in Your Community

This report, a collaboration between Elan and, surveyed U.S. consumers to examine their support for charity, patronage of local merchants, and volunteer involvement and how these factors influence their decisions about where to do business, including banks.

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Gen Z: The Fast and Furiously Cashless

Gen Z is a fast-growing consumer population that expects fast service,  results, and cashless payments. Because they are graduating college and entering the workforce, now is the ideal time to attract them as life-long cardmembers. Are you ready?

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Impact is What Inspires Us: Elan’s Across the Country Charitable Giving Video

Elan’s Senior Vice President, John Owens, discusses the intention behind the initiative and the positive impact the program is having across the country.

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