Online access and servicing

Elan offers advanced web and app access for cardmembers. From statements to text alerts we want to empower cardholders to be in control of their accounts. Spotlight features include real-time rewards, all-digital wallets, and fraud and protection management.  

Cardmember service team

Our dedicated customer service representatives are available 24/7/365. Each call is answered using your financial institution’s name to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Our team can assist with balance inquiries, available credit, payments, credit line increases, authorizations, account information and lost or stolen card requests.  

Fraud detection team

Through the use of proactive prevention tools and recovery processes, the Elan Fraud Detection System overlays the authorization process to alert users of abnormal spending habits. We provide industry-leading fraud detection and low loss rates, so you and your customers can be confident cards are always secure. 

State of the art products

Elan's product suite is designed to integrate seamlessly into your financial institution and offer the best products to your consumer and business accounts. Learn more about available cards.

A collaborative relationship

We have a proven model with partners to expand their credit card program and drive short- and long-term financial growth. Learn more about our unique partnership that keeps your financial institution in control. 

Start a conversation

If you are interested in learning how Elan can help build your credit card program, we'd love to hear from you.

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