Impact is What Inspires Us: Elan’s Across the Country Charitable Giving Video

June 03, 2022

Elan strives to play a valuable role in helping communities thrive through our partnerships with credit unions from coast to coast. As part of our Across the Country Charitable Giving program, 50 of Elan’s credit union partners were selected to designate a charity of their choice for a donation.

In the video below, hear from Elan’s Senior Vice President, John Owens, as he discusses the intention behind the campaign, how credit unions and charities were selected, and the positive impact the program is having across the country.

To learn more about Elan’s Across the Country Charitable Giving program, read the press release or visit

Ten individuals stand inside Alive Credit Union holding a large promotional check.


Donation to Support Financial Literacy Boot Camp for High School Students

As part of Elan’s charitable giving program, Across the Country, $12,500 was donated to High School 9:12 on behalf of our partner Alive Credit Union. Read the full story about the impacts of this donation to the community. 

The text "leaders in lending" appears on a dark background.


Elan and Sharonview FCU Partnership Featured on "Leaders in Lending" Podcast

David Brand of Sharonview FCU discusses initiatives the credit union has taken to meet the digital moment, prepare for the future, and their experience as an Elan Credit Card partner. 

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