Elan Credit Card Expands Servicing with 42 New Partnerships

January 13, 2023

Growth fueled by evolving technology, fraud protection, and community commitment.

Elan Credit Card (Elan), a leading outsourced credit card provider for banks and credit unions, today announced the addition of 42 new partners in 2022. These new partnerships will provide credit card issuing, servicing, and support to over 750,000 potential new customers across the United States.

“Our work is driven by the customer experience. From products to fraud protection and innovative technology, we strive to anticipate and deliver what consumers need. This allows our partners to focus on what they do best — build relationships.”

Matthew Carpenter, Elan Partnership Development Market Director

Committed to putting customers and communities first, Elan also launched a charitable giving program in 2022. Fifty-five partners were selected and designated a charity in their local community to receive a donation. In total, $720,000 was donated on behalf of partners. This support was boosted by Elan employees volunteering over 60 hours in those same communities.

To learn more about the Elan Credit Card program, view resources, or learn more about the impacts of the Elan Charitable Giving program, visit our website

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