Vault Cash


Partner with a provider that will separate you from the competition.

Cash makes an ATM program tick, making it essential to work with a provider who can make your program thrive. Not only does Elan have the industry-leading and largest vault cash program in the country, we’re the only provider that offers both vault cash and processing, eliminating the need for you to have separate vendors.


Our advanced ATM platform eliminates the
need for separate vendors, saving you time
and money, and streamlining your operations.

Our innovative practices help keep your costs low.

We have more than $1.2 billion in daily vault cash outstanding in more than 32,000 client ATMs.  In addition:



We recycle funds rather than redeposit the residual, eliminating the fees you pay to deposit the funds back to the cash source.


We obtain cash directly from the Federal Reserve Bank and have cash vaults located throughout the country, reducing the fees you pay for cash sourcing.


We source cash across all 50 states and Puerto Rico, allowing you to get cash wherever you need it.

Our newly enhanced web portal provides easy-to-use tools that will let you manage your portfolio to the highest level.

We provide claim management, including customer/Reg E, armored carrier and processor claims.

We provide cash balancing and reconciliation for more than 50,000 ATMs, including 17,000 ATMs that do not use our vault cash.



Bottom line, our comprehensive and innovative practices can increase your efficiency, decrease expenses, and streamline your operations.


Eliminate ATM downtime and always have available cash with our cash management.

We dramatically enhance ATM program efficiency by managing funds with an integrated, web-based cash

operations application. This provides cash inventory management for ATMs, vaults, and armored providers.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing cash levels by accurately predicting cash requirements.
  • Issuing preemptive cash outage alerts.
  • Adjusting forecasts for holidays and times when your ATMs may need more cash.
  • Continuously monitoring and improving the cash optimization process via advanced reporting tools.

Using advanced forecasting technology and historical data, our application automatically determines the optimal amounts of cash to order and ship each night as part of a scheduled batch process.



We have more than $1.2 billion in
daily vault cash outstanding in more
than 32,000 client ATMs