Make your ATM a preferred destination by providing surcharge-free access.

There’s a reason more than 95 million cardholders and increasing numbers of independent sales organizations rely on MoneyPass. With over 32,000 ATMs, MoneyPass gives cardholders who live, work or travel in your area exactly what they want — convenient, surcharge-free access to their money.


More traffic builds your transaction volume.

MoneyPass is a big draw for cardholders and prepaid card users eager to avoid ATM surcharge fees. Once they find your
ATM they’ll likely return, leading to more traffic and sales for you.


Boost loyalty and your bottom line. 

The even better news is that being part of the MoneyPass Network pays off in more ways than one. You can make your business a destination of choice, giving you a competitive edge. You’ll also earn additional revenue from new cardholders who shop your aisles. It all adds up to a significant opportunity to expand your customer base and to increase loyalty and your bottom line.


No start-up or operating costs.

MoneyPass is designed to be as affordable as possible with no costly up-front investment or monthly fees. It also delivers industry leading interchange rates. And because MoneyPass links to most processors, you won’t have to install a new ATM or update your equipment. In short, MoneyPass is structured to help you succeed.


Enjoy best-in-industry support.

To help promote your participation in the network, MoneyPass provides free digital marketing tools and print-on-demand marketing pieces for a fee. MoneyPass also provides a web ATM Locator, in addition to iPhone and Android app ATM Locators, giving cardholders instant access to your address and location. And if you need help or have questions, experienced MoneyPass representatives are here to provide support when you need it.


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