ATM Processing


State-of-the-art processing and monitoring give you an advantage. 

Efficiency and reliability are everything in ATM operations, which is why we continually invest time and money to meet your demands and those of consumers.

Our flexible, stable processing platform gives you a true advantage over other ATM providers. The direct connections that we have with networks maximize your revenue, as we have no gateway fee pass through. Our platform features stand-alone redundant capabilities that enable our data centers to act as disaster recovery

sites for one another.


Online ATM Program Management

And to assure that your ATMs operate at peak capacity and remain available to your customers, we offer a dashboard view of current status and Terminal Monitoring Alerts.  This enables you to receive cash balance and system health information for a single ATM or your entire portfolio.

  • Monitor your ATMs at a glance
  • Graphical representation of terminal status
  • Terminal 'Quick Search' tools
  • Concise terminal summary data
  • Cash position
  • Last transactions
  • Hardware status
  • Customize links to personalize your interface

Improve ATM performance and backroom management. 

When an ATM isn’t dispensing cash, you’re losing money. Our integrated solutions help improve ATM performance management and increase ATM availability by providing automated, round-the-clock monitoring of your ATMs.


Proprietary technology provides stable, responsive processing. 

Our proprietary EFT processing solutions were built and refined over time to provide reliable, stable, and responsive processing of ATM transactions. As a result, they provide near 100% switch uptime.

We’ve also proactively responded to the marketplace’s demand for alternative forms of communication and technology. As a result, we can customize a solution based on your specific situation and needs, including:

  • Dial-Up
  • VPN
  • Wireless TCP/IP
  • MPLS circuit