Information is everything. We’ll make sure you’re in the know.

The benefits of working with Elan Financial Services don’t stop with our industry-leading solutions and team of dedicated financial professionals. It also includes access to the support you need to stay on top of EFT, trends and important updates from Elan. What’s more, that support is available to you online, ensuring ready access to the information and resources you need, anytime of day or night.


Committed to delivering the best possible experience. 

When you work with Elan, you’re backed by the strength of our Client Operations team — 280 people who operate out of six locations coast to coast. Together, we support more than 35,000 ATMs, and the 80 million cardholders who consume $50MM in ATM dispenses and $36MM in card purchases on a daily basis.

Our primary goal is to deliver the best possible experience for the clients, partners and vendors we do business with, and we’re proud to say that we consistently achieve that goal. Here’s why.

The way we see it, anyone can be taught to work an ATM, load cash, handle an exception and convert a card base. So we go out of our way to hire individuals who bring more than technical and operational expertise to the table. They must also demonstrate a passion for service values, a commitment to excellence, and a predisposition to care for our clients, our communities and our team.

Bottom line, our people are well trained, energetic and engaged, assuring you of the highest levels of service and expertise, every hour of every day.


Stay current with free online training from Elan University. 

Keeping your staff current on the many critical areas of EFT, from ATM processing and fraud to Reg E, dispute issues and more, is a job in and of itself. Elan University, our free online education center, can help.

Elan University provides comprehensive, leading-edge training on all aspects of your Elan EFT processing program. It will help you understand and use Elan products and services to the greatest advantage, and better serve your cardholders.


  • Self-service modules can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

           Elan University offers a simple, interactive approach to training. Complex subjects are broken down into short, self-                    paced modules, making it easy for employees or new hires to learn at their own pace when time permits. Most
            modules can be completed in 10 minutes or less, and partially completed courses can be saved and finished at a later                 time.


  • Courses on ATM processing, fraud and much more.

            We offer a wide range of courses in support of our many EFT offerings, and new courses are always being developed. All             modules are user friendly and make learning as fast, easy, and engaging as possible.


  • Take a course whenever it’s convenient, no registration required.

            Another benefit of Elan University is that school is always in session. There’s no need to register or specify in advance               which classes you want to take. Whenever you and your staff have time, simply login to the Elan University website,                   select a module, and start learning.


You’ll find a complete list of course descriptions on the Elan University site. If you have questions about the course or courses that make the most sense for you and your staff, simply ask your Elan representative.


Get relevant updates from Elan at Connect Resource Center.

The Connect Resource Center is your single source for communications and information issued by Elan. It’s conveniently located in the Connect web portal, and provides fast, easy access to the alerts, bulletins and other information you need to run your ATM and debit card program.  Also available on Connect Mobile.


Within the Resource Center you can easily access the following types of information:

  • Alerts — Important, time-sensitive information.
  • Bulletins — Important information about new or upcoming changes to Elan products or services.
  • Fraud Information — All fraud-related items, including bulletins, alerts, user guides, FAQs and training documentation.
  • Resources — User guides, forms, FAQs and more.
  • Training Information — Webinar and training-related documents.
  • Newsletters and Marketing Information — News about issues and events and how they may relate to your business.

And because the content you see on Connect is based on your institution’s login, you’ll never waste time wading
through documents to determine if they’re applicable to you.