Providing the latest in ATM program management, fraud protection and dispute resolution.

There’s a reason financial institutions coast-to-coast rely on Elan for outsourcing — we’re one of the nation’s leading providers of complete and reliable outsourced solutions. Our people are at the forefront of the trends and technology in ATM program management, fraud monitoring, dispute resolution and more. They will help to minimize your efforts, freeing your staff to focus on more productive tasks, while aiding in the maximization of your institution’s performance, profitability and cardholder satisfaction.


Flexible, results-oriented ATM management solutions.

In recent years, ATMs have risen to the fore as a critical self-service channel for consumers, often replacing bank and credit union branches as the primary resource for handling financial transactions of all kinds, from deposits and funds transfer to cash management and more. As a result, your financial institution needs to be even more vigilant about staying current, competitive and compliant.

Elan ATM Managed Services can handle all of that for you. Our flexible solutions offer advanced functionality that furthers revenue opportunity, prepares you for the next wave of technology, ensures your ability to meet compliance deadlines, and helps attract and retain cardholders. You’ll also have all the support you need to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a successful ATM program — and all from a single source.

Moreover, unlike many service providers, you choose the level of solutions and services you need from Elan. You can outsource the entire ownership, management and operation of your ATM program to us, or select the individual services you’d like us to manage for you. Offerings include:

  • First-Line Maintenance
  • Second-Line Maintenance
  • ATM Replenishment
  • Image File Processing and Image File Delivery
  • Deposit Collection and Delivery
  • Currency Management
  • ATM and Networking Monitoring
  • Full Service Adjustment Processing and Reg E Research
  • Electronic Product Delivery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Terminal Driving
  • Surcharging Options
  • Authorization Processing
  • Anti-Skimming Monitoring
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • ADA and PCI Compliance Management

Keep risk at bay with our highest level of fraud management.

Elan understands that you need responsive, reliable and available service in order to meet the needs of your customers or members. And when it comes to fraud management, you can’t afford to give your financial institution or your cardholders less than the highest levels of protection. FraudWatchPLUS, our most robust fraud solution, provides full-service support and management, helping limit losses, increase profitability and protect your cardholders.

Our fraud specialists will monitor your portfolio 24/7, notify cardholders about suspicious activity, and manage your fraud cases from start to finish.


Detection and modeling — FraudWatchPLUS uses neural network technology to create and maintain best practice fraud models. The dynamic business data received from the model is warehoused to research fraudulent transactions and information is updated as necessary to ensure optimal detection capability.


Multi-level transaction analysis — Suspicious transactions that trigger fraud-model rule violations are reviewed by an Elan fraud analyst using demographic information and recent transaction activity for the specific cardholder. If necessary, the analyst will contact the cardholder and notify you of the outcome. If timely contact cannot be made with the cardholder, the account may be temporarily blocked. Confirmed fraud activity is analyzed on a daily basis. Elan uses this information to adjust business rules and strategies to target the latest fraud trends in the industry. Also, because fraudsters shift patterns and targets daily, Elan Fraud Management makes frequent strategic adjustments based on confirmed fraud cases and interaction with industry experts, helping protect your institution from the latest forms of scams.


Suspicious transaction management — You can be confident that Elan will work the entire fraud case to ensure that potential financial restitution is pursued in a timely and accurate manner. Elan will manage all components of the case, including investigation, cardholder contact, hot carding, reissue facilitation and initiating card association fraud reporting, and the merchant chargeback process when applicable.


Client service and reporting — To help you stay informed on the fraud cases reported and managed for your financial institution, Elan provides cardholder contact updates and monthly reporting via email.


Comprehensive dispute processing for fast, easy resolution.

Cardholder chargeback and adjustment management can be one of the more challenging aspects
of running a debit card program. So much so, in fact, that many financial institutions choose to write off disputed
transactions because pursuing them isn’t profitable.

Our comprehensive dispute processing solution, eAdjustPLUS, lets you outsource the entire process to Elan, from
the first cardholder call through resolution. Our call center staff is trained on Reg E and network chargeback rules
and regulations, enabling them to knowledgeably answer cardholder questions about claims, submit claims
properly, and resolve disputes profitably — all behind the scenes.


Adherence to Reg E notices and time frames.

As part of our dispute processing solution, we provide cardholder notices that provide information regarding a
Reg E claim. Notices are mailed directly to your cardholders, freeing your staff from creating and mailing notices.

Reg E laws are defined at the federal and state levels. To ensure that each Reg E claim is handled within the
appropriate time frame, eAdjustPLUS is configured to manage to the time frame most beneficial to
your cardholders.


Flexible reports puts useful data at your fingertips.

Anytime you want information about the disputes Elan is handling for you, it’s readily accessible through our
powerful online querying function. Simply select the information you want to view, such as PAN or date range,
then download it to Excel. You can use it to detect trends or simply keep it for your records.
Benefits of eAdjustPLUS include:

  • A dedicated Elan call center
  • Investigation of disputes within Reg E time frames
  • Customizable product features
  • Flexible reports that allow you to access data in seconds
  • Freeing your staff to focus on more productive tasks
  • Cardholders will feel their needs have been addressed