Fraud Management


Greater security from card fraud with continuous, cutting-edge fraud monitoring.

You can’t afford to leave your financial institution or your cardholders open to fraud, which is why Elan offers a comprehensive suite of fraud protection products. From activation strategies and card level verification checks to real-time card blocking and safer online payment options, our solutions and fraud experts provide layers of security, allowing your cardholders to use their ATM and debit cards with greater confidence. And that adds up to increased profitability and card penetration for you.


Get the information you need to manage fraud.

Built on the Elan authorization platform, FraudWatch PLUS is a system that effectively monitors potential fraud on your proprietary and debit card programs. It uses neural network technology to identify potentially fraudulent transactions efficiently and accurately, and alerts your financial institution within minutes, enabling you to take appropriate action quickly.


Let Elan manage your fraud activity for you from beginning to end.

Elan understands that you need responsive, reliable and available
service in order to meet the needs of your customers or members.
From monitoring accounts to contacting cardholders to reporting,
FraudWatchPLUS provides a comprehensive fraud solution through four
stages of monitoring. We provide the highest level of service at every
interaction, with the goal of delivering the best transaction management
solutions to your complete satisfaction.



Detection and modeling — FraudWatchPLUS uses neural network technology to create and maintain best practice fraud models. The dynamic business data received from the model is warehoused to research fraudulent transactions and information is updated as necessary to ensure optimal detection capability.


Multi-level transaction analysis — Suspicious transactions that trigger fraud-model rule violations are reviewed by an Elan fraud analyst using demographic information and recent transaction activity for the specific cardholder. If necessary, the analyst will contact the cardholder and notify you of the outcome. If timely contact cannot be made with the cardholder, the account may be temporarily blocked. Confirmed fraud activity is analyzed on a daily basis. Elan uses this information to adjust business rules and strategies to target the latest fraud trends in the industry. Also, because fraudsters shift patterns and targets daily, Elan Fraud Management makes frequent strategic adjustments based on confirmed fraud cases and interaction with industry experts, helping protect your institution from the latest forms of scams.


Suspicious transaction management — You can be confident that Elan will work the entire fraud case to ensure that potential financial restitution is pursued in a timely and accurate manner. Elan will manage all components of the case, including investigation, cardholder contact, hot carding, reissue facilitation and initiating card association fraud reporting, and the merchant chargeback process when applicable.


Real-time scoring and decisioning — Elan Real Time Rules decline potentially high-risk transactions at the point of authorization, by providing real-time, transaction monitoring. Denials lessen fraud losses at the Elan client level. Every transaction is evaluated, and those transactions that meet Elan high-risk conditions will be denied at the point of authorization.                                                                                                                                                                       Elan balances transaction denials against cardholder inconvenience, and won’t aggressively deny transactions, resulting in high inconvenience. Individual transaction results are available for online viewing. Individual Card Exceptions (ICE) bypass real-time, denial conditions.


Client service and reporting — To help you stay informed on the fraud cases reported and managed for your financial institution, Elan provides cardholder contact updates and monthly reporting via email. 


Proactive response to suspicious trend data.



Card association reporting — On a daily basis Elan runs models against fraud trend data identified in our FraudWatch tools. We look for potential points of data compromise. These suspected compromises are reported to the major card associations as part of the Financial Institutions card associations’ license agreements.

Early compromise detection and alerting — During this process Elan identifies potential cards at risk from a suspect compromise. Alerts of at risk cards are provided to Financial Institutions daily. Early detection of potential data breaches facilitate eTranBlock or limited reissues, helping to drive reissue and fraud loss costs down.  

Manage transaction denial conditions in real time with eTranBlock.

eTranBlock allows you to block ATM or point of sale (POS) transactions in real-time using a combination of criteria from the Elan authorization process. eTranBlock minimizes fraud losses by allowing you to manage your own conditions for denying a transaction. You can:

  • Tailor denial conditions to your specific footprint.
  • Create, update or delete eTranBlock rules according to your schedule.
  • Apply Temporary Blocks to cards, limiting fraudsters from additional transactions.
  • Create individual rule exceptions to remove individual cards from a eTranBlock rule condition.
  • Engage us for assistance with denial conditions on an as-needed basis.


Once a condition update, change or deletion is queued for production, that change will be implemented within the hour. eTranBlock will then review all authorized transactions and provide individual results for online viewing, regardless of the acquiring system, association or processor.



Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Providing greater online security for cardholders.

Increasing the security of your debit program to include safer online payment options is an important step in growing your financial institution’s volume and profitability. Our Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs will help protect your cardholders by limiting the risk of fraudulent transactions, which in turn reduces your risk of fraud losses.

Both programs allow cardholders to add a personal password to their debit card. This password will be used to validate identity when they shop at participating merchants, providing greater security.


Online tools give you the information you need.

Your financial institution will have access to online support tools that will enable you to investigate Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode transactions and respond to cardholder requests with ease. In addition, the reporting function provides a wide range of information on Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode cardholder activity.


A customized site for easy enrollment and management.

Your financial institution will be provided with a Verified by Visa and/or MasterCard SecureCode website, which will be customized with your logo, contact information and a link to your home page. Cardholders can enroll in the program(s) and manage their accounts at these sites, freeing your employees to focus on other tasks.

Cardholders also have the option of enrolling in the program directly at merchants’ websites. Whenever your cardholders make an online purchase at a participating merchant, your customized screen will prompt them to enroll in Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode before proceeding.