Debit Processing


Convenient for your cardholders, profitable for you.

When it comes to debit cards, everybody wins. Your cardholders enjoy greater convenience, flexibility and security, and you generate additional revenue and enhance relationships. In fact, according to a 2015 Pulse Debit Issuer Study, active debit cardholders perform an average of 21.2 debit transactions a month with an annual spend over $9,000.


Elan debit solutions provide full program support, including card management, two marketing programs, single-point settlement and reporting.


An integrated card management solution.

Elan offers a comprehensive, web-based interface that streamlines debit and ATM card management designed to save time and improve your ability to manage ATM and debit cards. 


Through a simple one-click sign on, and single-click action buttons, navigation is easy.  You can access all your card management needs quickly, from setting personalized card details to card values and limits to much, much more.  


By integrating in-branch instant issuance through eCardManager, your financial institution makes it easier to deliver value to your cardholders with a secure and cost effective approach to in-branch card issuance.  Your cardholders walk away with a personalized payment card to use immediately.


Benefits of Instant Issuance to your financial institution can include:

  • Expedite card replacement
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase activation and utilization
  • Reduce expense
  • Increase profitability
  • Provide a competitive advantage

Integrate account management with your core processing system through our direct maintenance service.

Elan offers a tightly integrated interface to core processing systems through a preferred partner relationship. Real-time adds, changes and deletes to your core systems are updated to the Elan EFT cardholder, fraud systems, hot carding and PIN files via this interface, eliminating the need for you to key data into two separate systems.


Update card information for recurring payments with Automatic Billing Updates.

The MasterCard® Automatic Biller Updater (ABU) is a secure, systemic solution that automates the process of keeping card data current for recurring payments. It helps prevent service disruptions and lost sales opportunities due to account changes such as expiration dates or new card numbers as the result of a reissue.


The benefits of reducing the number of declined authorization requests and lost sales opportunities are significant, including:

  • Prevents payment conversion to checks or other cards
  • Reduces customer service demand
  • Improves operating efficiency
  • Fosters positive cardholder bill payment experience

Most cardholders set up recurring payments to make paying bills easier and ensure on-time payments. ABU helps eliminate the concern of cardholders switching payment methods due to account changes. Benefits for cardholders include:  

  • Uninterrupted bill payment
  • No disruption of service and no late fees
  • Enhanced convenience

Tap into a $1 trillion market with our marketing solutions.

These days, it isn’t a question of whether or not to promote your debit card program. It’s a question of how.

With more than 40 years of dedicated experience in the EFT market, plus a strong focus on debit card processing, Elan has the expertise, flexible solutions, and support you need to enhance success. Our offerings include two marketing solutions designed to help you cultivate consumer awareness and increase the potential of your programs.


Our customized marketing program includes working with your Elan Relationship Manager to segment your portfolio and determine which groups will bring the best ROI. Our marketing campaigns feature direct mail and online banner advertising, and are timed to coordinate with key purchasing seasons. Participants in these campaigns have experienced double-digit growth in signature transactions among targeted cardholders. 


Our second program is a full-service, online library of collateral for cardholders that you select, customize with your branding, and order based on your needs.  Materials are available for download at no cost and are regularly updated.




Attract cardholders and boost sales by offering rewards.

Promotional incentives are a proven way to increase the likelihood of cardholders changing their spending behavior. Our points-based rewards program uses well-known brands and flexible options to attract and retain cardholders, increase debit card usage, and boost average sales. It also includes complete customer service, and regular reports and analysis to gauge program success.


There’s a reason financial institutions that compete for debit card business often rely on loyalty programs to attract and retain cardholders. They work. Cardholders tend to increase their debit card spend and strengthen their affinity with institutions that offer loyalty programs.


Elan offers a time-tested approach that’s easy to implement and will help you stay competitive — a customizable points-based rewards program. Designed by industry experts, it provides the marketing support you need to generate awareness and ensure cardholder satisfaction. It also features an impressive array of rewards options to appeal to cardholders, including:

  • Travel
  • Gift cards
  • eGiftCards
  • Merchandise
  • Experiences
  • Green products
  • Charitable donations

In addition to points for purchases, our rewards program offers several merchant funded perks, including:


Swype - Swype works by linking merchant discount offers to a debit card from a participating merchant or restaurant. Swype offers immediate discounts at specific merchants, giving the account holder a well-rounded rewards and incentive experience.

Perks Points Mall - Our merchant-funded network includes national, regional and local merchants where account holders earn bonus points for all transactions through the merchants within our Perks Points Mall.

Not only will our people work with you to implement our points program in the way that’s best for you, our comprehensive reporting and analysis will help you determine the success of your program and pinpoint the times of the year that are most beneficial for you.


Increase reach and ROI with our complementary card programs.

If you’re looking for ways to stay competitive and strengthen your product lines and your bottom line, consider our
complementary card programs — a business debit card, a health savings account (HSA), and a home equity line of
credit (HELOC).


Profit from our Business Debit Card program.

Our Business Debit Card program is a powerful addition to your existing Visa® or MasterCard® debit card program. It’s designed to help you tap into the small business market and add a new source of revenue. Your business
customers or members will benefit too, with a program that offers:


A flexible, secure way to pay — Business debit cards are accepted anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted, making them a preferred form of payment over checks. They keep business and personal expenses separate, and are the perfect way to purchase supplies, entertainment, services and more.


Simplicity and efficiency — A detailed monthly statement reconciles card activity and monitors business spending, making cash management and expense tracking easy.


Expanded purchasing capability — Issuing a debit card to key individuals in the business allows for expanded purchasing capability and increased revenue potential. And liability programs protect business owners against unauthorized employee use of the card.


Outstanding warranty and purchase protection — Plus travel assistance, rental insurance, emergency assistance and more, all provided by Visa and MasterCard.


Generate business by offering card access to HSA accounts. 

As health care costs rise and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) gain traction, more consumers are managing their medical expenses with a tax-advantaged HSA. Employers that offer HDHPs coupled with HSAs are looking to provide their employees with card access to their HSA funds.

An HSA card is a convenient way to access funds and pay for qualified expenses, including copayments, prescriptions and deductibles, at pharmacies, doctors’ offices and online. Benefits include:


  • The safety of a debit card with the ability to disburse funds from a qualifying health savings checking account.
  • Account statements make it easy to track HSA expenses.
  • Zero Liability protection.  
  • Employees can keep HSA funds even if they leave their jobs.


Elan can support HSA cards issued with Merchant Category Code restrictions (both ATM and MCC) or without restrictions.


Earn income by providing credit line card access.

Earn incremental revenue from your Home Equity Line of Credit program by giving customers or members reliable,
24/7 card access to their line of credit.

Advantages for your financial institution include:

  • Reduce check-processing expenses and earn interchange income on all card transactions.
  • Market your brand with personalized Visa cards for HELOC access.
  • It’s easy. Elan manages the entire card production and distribution process or will work directly with your card supplier.


Our preferred provider relationships allow for fast and efficient card production.

Elan supports card production through our preferred partner relationships with EFT Source, Shoreline, Arroweye Solutions Inc. and Datacard, including:


  • Photo Cards
  • Contactless Cards
  • Instant Issue Debit Cards
  • Generic Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • My Community Cards
  • Laser Letter Carriers
  • Design & Print Services
  • PIN Selection Services
  • Card Order Tracking

Take charge of dispute processing.

Cardholder chargeback and adjustment management can be one of the more challenging aspects of running a
debit card program. So much so, in fact, that many financial institutions choose to write off disputed transactions
because pursuing them isn’t profitable.

Elan offers two solutions to help you handle dispute processing.


eAdjust is a web-based, user-friendly application for adjustment processing. It provides a convenient, systematic way to enter adjustments while providing monitoring and reporting capabilities for your ATM and debit card programs.


eAdjustPLUS lets you outsource the entire process to Elan, from the first cardholder call through resolution. Our call center staff is trained on Reg E and network chargeback rules and regulations, enabling them to knowledgeably answer cardholder questions about claims, submit claims properly, and resolve disputes profitably — all behind the scenes.


As part of our dispute processing solution, we provide cardholder notices that provide information regarding a Reg E claim. Notices are mailed directly to your cardholders, freeing your staff from creating and mailing notices.

Reg E laws are defined at the federal and state levels. To ensure that each Reg E claim is handled within the appropriate time frame, eAdjustPLUS is configured to manage to applicable time frames.


Whenever you want information about the disputes Elan is handling for you, it’s readily accessible through our powerful online querying function. Simply select the information you want to view, such as PAN or date range, then download it to Excel. You can use it to detect trends or simply keep it for your records.

The information you need, when you need it. 

Staying on top of ATM transactions and trends can have a significant impact on your financial institution’s revenue and performance. It helps you spot patterns, capitalize on emerging opportunities, see and address issues before they become problems, and provide superior service.


Our Connect web portal offers a robust set of search features and functionality to help you service cardholders or identify ATM and card trends. Our real-time transaction search features will help you quickly build and refine searches or locate specific transactions.


With Ad Hoc reports you can generate custom reports on terminal and cardholder transactions that can be downloaded in formats such as Excel, CVS, HTML and XML.


Our data warehouse application can help your financial institution understand and respond to cardholder behavior and trends with ease.


This user-friendly, online system features numerous report capabilities that will arm you with vital information about your ATMs and your cardholders. As a result, you’ll be able to make informed business decisions that can positively impact revenue and performance.


You can make more informed management decisions that affect revenue and performance utilizing our wide array of report capabilities:


  • 180 days of transaction data provides extensive information
  • Up to 24 months of summary data
  • Numerous, easy-to-use structured queries
  • Data segmentation by user and financial institution