ATM Processing


Your single source for industry-leading ATM services. 

In today’s marketplace, a customized, full-service ATM program is critical to your success. It offers cardholders the convenience and flexibility they want, while providing your financial institution with the potential for increased revenue, lower expenses and a reliable delivery system. That said, staying on top of changes in ATM technology, regulations and trends is time-consuming and costly, taking you and your staff away from more profitable work.

That’s where Elan Financial Services comes in. Our knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art products and services will help you give your cardholders what they want, helping you to stay competitive, compliant and focused on what you do best. 

Comprehensive processing solutions for greater profitability. 

ATM processing from Elan is a powerful way to build cardholder loyalty and ROI. Not only do our solutions provide benefits that are unmatched in the industry, they’re managed by the best people in the business, assuring you of the expertise and experience you need to generate a profitable ATM program. We offer a wide array of ATM processing features, including:


Expanded delivery — Give cardholders more of what they want ... convenient, 24/7 access to their accounts: checking, savings, credit card, lines of credit, and EBT.


Reliable performance — Count on availability and stability with our HP Non-Stop Tandem platform and fully redundant network.


Increased revenue — Increased use means more interchange income, as well as additional surcharge, fees, and media-dispensing income.


Decreased expenses — Convenient access and round-the-clock delivery will reduce branch visits and operating expenses.


Our terminal driving solutions enable ATMs to be driven in native and emulation mode, and ensure certification and support of current models and software releases for all major vendors. Other benefits include:


Easy management — Tools include 24/7 system monitoring, online report delivery, online card management, and an innovative data warehouse application.


Optimum flexibility — Choose from cost-efficient options that fit your ATM network needs and locations, including client- or Elan-owned networks and wireless TCP/IP. You can offer these with SSL encryption for PCI compliance on all TCP/IP solutions.


Enhanced functionality — You’ll be able to dispense gift cards and offer PIN change, mini-statements, full deposit automation support and more.


In addition, our authorization processing supports various scenarios, including online host authorization, offline authorization, and intercept processing.

Surcharging options can be customized to fit your needs, including exempting your cardholders from surcharges at your ATMs, and forming selective surcharging alliances or tier surcharges based on the cardholder using your ATM. Alternatively, you may wish to offer your cardholders surcharge-free ATM access through our MoneyPass Network®.


Enhance ATM performance with our monitoring products.

Your ATM program is a strategic part of your financial institution’s delivery system. But in order to provide the utmost in service to your cardholders and profitability to you, it needs to operate at peak performance all day, every day.


Our ATM monitoring and management products identify ATM faults quickly and accurately, and notify your financial institution of findings 24/7. As a result, you’ll be better able to provide your cardholders with constant and consistent ATM availability. Elan offers two levels of monitoring to meet the needs of your financial institution:


ATM Alert provides automated service. 
ATM Alert is an automated monitoring system that notifies your financial institution the moment an ATM fault occurs.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly ATM reports help you track trends and be proactive in your ATM management.
  • An automated phone query capability allows you to check on the status of your ATMs whenever it’s convenient for you.


ATM Alert Online allows you to monitor your program directly.
If you prefer to be more hands-on, ATM Alert Online provides a web-based software tool that lets you:

  • View real-time and historical information on ATM fault tickets and dispatches.
  • View the status and ticket history of your ATMs 24/7.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your ATM fleet to determine problem locations or equipment.



We know how important it is to keep information secure. Both ATM Alert and ATM Alert Online offer industry-standard security features that give you and your designated service teams access to status information.


Transforming branches to meet cardholder needs.

The 24/7 digital age is alive and well in the financial services industry. Not only are cardholders changing the way they’re banking, they’re changing the way they use branches. As a result, financial institutions are redesigning the branch channel to reflect its emerging purpose — selling and servicing — and away from its legacy of transactional delivery. ATMs will play a key role here, facilitating branch transformation and omnichannel banking initiatives.


Elan is strongly positioned to help financial institutions deploy branch transformation solutions involving advanced ATMs and assisted self-service devices. Our flexible processing platform provides high availability and responsive processing of ATM and debit transactions. We act as processor and ATM driver for traditional ATM transactions at advanced ATMs and for remote-teller assisted transactions, integrating both through a single clearing and settlement system. We also help financial institutions cross-sell at their ATMs and manage their marketing screens.


To facilitate initiatives to migrate teller transactions to the self-service channel, Elan has certified the Diebold Opteva® Branch Performance Series™ in-lobby teller terminal and Concierge Video Services™, the Hyosung Assisted Self Service terminal, and the NCR Aptra™ Interactive Teller. Certifications ensure that these solutions will run seamlessly within the Elan network, helping to accelerate the pace of adoption by financial institutions. The certification initiatives are powered by Diebold Agilis®, Hyosung MoniPlus2s, and NCR Aptra™ software suites, which enable a consistent multi-channel consumer experience and transaction support.


There is little doubt that financial institutions that implement the newer ATMs and advanced self-service technology will differentiate themselves from those that have yet to do so. Rather than risk falling behind the rest of the market, financial institutions nationwide are engaging experienced partners like Elan for fast, expert deployment of branch transformation solutions.


Protect your ATM fleet with advanced anti-skimming protection.

Card skimming has become one of the most prevalent crimes against ATMs around the world, costing financial institutions and cardholders billions of dollars annually. As criminals get smarter, skimming devices get harder to detect and defeat, and losses can add up. Given this, it's all the more important to stay on top of anti-skimming technology and safeguard both your brand and your valued customers.


Utilizing advanced skimming detection technology, our integrated and scalable security solution is designed to help you reduce risk and protect your ATM network against the latest forms of attack. This technology also resists disabling by detecting card skimmers made from almost any material.


Our team will assess your fleet, determine which ATMs are at risk and make recommendations. Upon installation(on supported ATM models), the technology is built into your card readers and alerts your brand alarm system or ATM monitoring system instantly if a skimmer is detected. Action plans are customized to your preferences.


False alarms can shut down your ATM system. Our proprietary detection algorithm allows the sensor to discriminate between skimmers, environmental factors and cardholder activity, reducing false positives.


Attract customers and lower costs with Deposit Automation.

ATMs with imaging capabilities are on the leading edge in the electronic payments industry. To cite a few of the
benefits of imaging ATMs, they help increase customer deposits, reduce deposit-based fraud and demands on tellers, and decrease transportation and item-processing costs.

Deposit Automation is a significant way to drive down costs and eliminate backroom processing expenses. It will allow your financial institution to:

  • Clear checks electronically and remotely validate and count cash counted.
  • Credit accounts without physically picking up deposits from ATMs.
  • Visit off-premise ATMs less frequently, lowering cash-in-transit expenses.

If you’re interested in offering Deposit Automation, Elan has the experience and solutions you need to maximize your investment. Our offerings include:

  • Imaging ATMs.
  • Back-end infrastructure to support the image technology.
  • The expertise to help you change your ATM deposit processing operations.

If you only need assistance retrieving images from ATMs, our Image File Delivery solution enables you to send image files from any image-capable ATM residing on our TCP/IP network to any third party, including your operations groups, core processor, or any other service provider. As a result of being directly connected to the appropriate deposit processing center, your imaging ATMs can achieve their maximum cost-savings potential.



Increase revenues and repeat business from international customers with Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Historically, international travelers making card payments or withdrawals at ATMs in the U.S. didn’t know the final cost of their transactions, including the exchange rate and various fees, until receiving their bank statement. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) changes that by giving international MasterCard® cardholders the option of making ATM transactions in the local currency or their home currency.


When the MasterCard cardholder selects the latter, the ATM immediately displays the currency conversion at that day’s exchange rates and eliminates issuer add-on foreign exchange charges. The MasterCard cardholder is provided the final cost of the transaction on the spot, and upon completion, receives an itemized receipt.


DCC offers a compelling case for implementation across your ATM fleet. An average domestic ATM acquirer should expect to see a good number of international withdrawals eligible for DCC. In tourist locations like airports, that number should be higher yet. Benefits to you include:

  • Earn additional revenue per transaction.
  • Stand out from the competition by enhancing your core offering.
  • Your ATMs may become a return destination for international travelers.

Trying to calculate and compare exchange rates is daunting for many international travelers. Benefits for them include:


The option of transacting in their home currency.

Fair market exchange rates that are updated daily.
A locked-in exchange rate, reducing confusion about rates and concerns about currency fluctuation.
Total amount signed for will be the exact amount shown on the statement. 
Convenience for tourists and business travelers alike.







Boost interchange income with a balance inquiry prompt.

There’s no question that ATMs offer a significant convenience to your cardholders. But they can also generate revenue for your financial institution by encouraging foreign cardholders to conduct balance inquiries.

Adding a balance inquiry prompt consists of an easy, two-step method to boost the interchange potential of your ATMs —
non-display of balances on foreign cardholder receipts and a change of the ATM screen flow. Best of all, Elan will
do the work for you.


With a balance inquiry prompt, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’re doing everything you can to boost interchange income. Benefits include:

  • Low cost and easy to implement, even if you have a large fleet of ATMs.
  • Implementation billing by the hour, not the ATM, for increased affordability.
  • Functionality in as few as eight weeks.
  • Works even on older ATMs, so your fleet doesn’t need to be new to take advantage of a balance inquiry prompt.

Maximize your ATM investment with Electronic Journal and Software Delivery.

Your ATM program represents a significant commitment of time, money and resources. Two reliable Elan products can help you make the most of your investment — Electronic Journal Delivery and Remote ATM Software Distribution.

  • Electronic Journal Delivery enables you to streamline your ATM operations

          Electronic Journal Delivery improves efficiency by eliminating the need for terminal visits to retrieve electronic
            journal files. It provides a secure website where your electronic journals can be stored for 90 days, allowing you
            to access and download them at your convenience. Use this tool to retrieve electronic journal files from all your
            Windows®-based terminals running on native TCP/IP.

            Additional benefits of Electronic Journal Delivery include increased integrity and longevity of electronic journal
            information, helping you meet Regulation E requirements and easily research cardholder disputes.


  • Remote Software ATM Distribution can expand marketing possibilities

           Changing graphics, audio or video files at your ATMs often requires site visits, which translates into high costs and
           long lead times. This can limit the use of ATMs as an effective channel for marketing and targeted message delivery.

           Our Remote ATM Software Distribution allows you to change files at your ATM without a terminal visit. Simply send
           the custom file and the required implementation timing to Elan. We will:

  •        Test the new files to make sure they integrate seamlessly with your existing screens.
  •        Download them to your ATMs.
  •        Use existing network bandwidth to load files, meaning your ATMs remain live and never go offline.

Take charge of dispute processing.


Cardholder chargeback and adjustment management can be one of the more challenging aspects of running an ATM card program. So much so, in fact, that many financial institutions choose to write off disputed transactions because pursuing them isn’t profitable.

Elan offers two solutions to help you handle dispute processing.


eAdjust is a web-based, user-friendly application for adjustment processing. It provides a convenient, systematic way to enter adjustments while providing monitoring and reporting capabilities for your ATM and debit card programs.


eAdjustPLUS lets you outsource the entire process to Elan, from the first cardholder call through resolution. Our call center staff is trained on Reg E and network chargeback rules and regulations, enabling them to knowledgeably answer cardholder questions about claims, submit claims properly, and resolve disputes profitably — all behind the scenes.


As part of our dispute processing solution, we provide cardholder notices that provide information regarding a Reg E claim. Notices are mailed directly to your cardholders, freeing your staff from creating and mailing notices.

Reg E laws are defined at the federal and state levels. To ensure that each Reg E claim is handled within the appropriate timeframe, eAdjustPLUS is configured to manage to the time frame most beneficial to your cardholders.


Whenever you want information about the disputes Elan is handling for you, it’s readily accessible through our powerful online querying function. Simply select the information you want to view, such as PAN or date range, then download it to Excel. You can use it to detect trends or simply keep it for your records.


The information you need, when you need it.

Staying on top of ATM transactions and trends can have a significant impact on your financial institution’s revenue and performance. It helps you spot patterns, capitalize on emerging opportunities, see and address issues before they become problems, and provide superior service.


Our Connect web portal offers a robust set of search features and functionality to help you service cardholders or identify ATM and card trends. Our real-time transaction search features will help you quickly build and refine searches or locate specific transactions.


With Ad Hoc reports you can generate custom reports on terminal and cardholder transactions that can be downloaded in formats such as Excel, CVS, HTML and XML.


Our data warehouse application can help your financial institution understand and respond to cardholder behavior and trends with ease.


This user-friendly, online system features numerous report capabilities that will arm you with vital information about your ATMs and your cardholders. As a result, you’ll be able to make informed business decisions that can positively impact revenue and performance.



You can make more informed management decisions that affect revenue and performance utilizing our wide array of report capabilities:

  • 180 days of transaction data provides extensive information
  • Up to 24 months of summary data
  • Numerous, easy-to-use structured queries
  • Data segmentation by user and financial institution